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Energy market

Energy Market Expertise, LLC is committed to deregulated electricity markets. Market solutions are the best response to pressing challenges that face the industry. Foremost among these challenges is the integration of renewable generation into the existing infrastructure and generation fleet. A solid understanding of both the underlying physics of the network and market mechanisms that are used to optimize its performance are necessary to craft solutions that will produce the greatest benefit with the fewest resources in the least amount of time.

Energy Market Expertise (EME) provides comprehensive market expertise to firms operating in the organized wholesale electricity markets of North America as well as other international jurisdictions. EME's range of experience in market settlements, design and monitoring allows us to integrate analyses of events and issues to produce optimal, financially-efficient outcomes for our clients.


Corporate Profile


EME was registered as a limited liability company with the California Secretary of State in the Autumn of 2011. Its founder, Alan G. Isemonger, left the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) in August of 2011 to start his own business consulting to clients in organized wholesale electric markets.

Alan has been an energy economist since 1998 when he began working for BCHydro in British Columbia, Canada, and thereafter for ZE PowerGroup also in Canada. In 2002, Alan relocated to California where he started with the CAISO, and was to spend nine years. At the CAISO Alan began in the Department of Market Analysis, where he worked on issues in the aftermath of the California energy crisis. Afterward, Alan moved into a design role where he researched, proposed and shepherded initiatives through the stakeholder process just as the major design work of the California nodal market was finishing and subsequent design elements, such as virtual bidding, were being planned.

In 2005, Alan moved into the Operations group as a manager. Over the next five years he gained wide-ranging experience as the manager of a series of different functionalities, from settlements functions, to price correction and validation, as well as analysis of market performance. His main responsibility was managing the Congestion Revenue Rights Group, which he did for almost four years, starting with the development phase prior to the nodal market, all the way through to startup and then production. In addition, Alan had a troubleshooting role and hosted a number of weekly and bi-weekly participant calls where market issues were broadcast and dealt with.

Since starting Energy Market Expertise, Alan has consulted with a wide range of clients on a number of different topics, primarily in his core expertise area of wholesale electric markets.

Select Project History

Settlements Expert with the Asian Development Bank

This consisted of a gap analysis project with the Pakistan Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA) as they begin their transition between market states. Field work consisted of inspecting hardware and software, interviewing affected personnel to analyze the business processes, and preparing a gap analysis report to provide findings and recommendations as to the future path forward for the CPPA settlements system

Expert Witness Before the CPUC

Expert witness representing Dynegy in a PG&E gas rate case, namely Gas Accord VI. This case concerned the gas transport rates paid by the Moss Landing power plant. Testimony before the California Public Utilities Commission is publicly available at: Testimony

Congestion Revenue Rights Expert

Sub-contracted under the Brattle Group to assist the California Department of Water Resources with their Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR) choices in the CAISO CRR market. This was a multi-year project coinciding with the annual CRR cycle.

Business Analyst

Business analyst role with Kansas City Power and Light, supporting the transition from the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) to the new Integrated Market. Work consisted of analyzing existing EIM business functionality, as well as the proposed new business functionality, and planning the business transition between them. Tasks consisted of requirements writing, and process and data mapping in support of transitioning the business to a fully nodal day-ahead and real-time system. The areas that were changing included the new Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) market (named Transmission Congestion Rights or TCRs in SPP), virtuals market, and day-ahead market, as well as substantive changes to the existing real-time market, risk management and settlements functions. EME worked under a Utilicast contract for this project.

Business Analyst

Test case development, integration testing, and business analysis of a series of software products for Bertram Capital, a private equity firm.

Renewable Energy Researcher

Researched the integration of wind and solar power into the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) electric grid within a Department of Energy-funded variable generation study for the Western Governors' Association. EME worked under a GridSME contract for this project. 

Data Analyst

Analyzed public CAISO data in the form of revenue streams to support a significant new storage facility in the Western United States, under sub-contract with Energy Exemplar. 

Serving Today’s Energy Market

Transition Planning

Transition planning is one of the key areas where EME can add value due to extensive experience helping a number of different institutions transition between designs and software systems. From gap analysis to transition planning to vendor selection, this is something with which EME has experience. At every level, be it a utility or a market administrator, this is a core competency of EME.

Market Design

More money can be lost through imperfect market design than through a thousand settlement statements. Market design establishes the playing field on which market participants interact in deregulated markets. EME has extensive experience in market design work, both in analysis and advocacy, to make a difference to the issues important to your company.

Economic Analyses

Whether it is cost benefit analyses, cost of new entry, or indices of market power, EME has a strong grounding in the economics of the wholesale electric industry. Paired with its data analysis skills, EME offers a complete solution to pressing analytical problems that underpin legal strategies and market design positions.

Litigation Support

The highly complex deregulated electric utility industry is almost impossible for the non-specialist or those in adjacent fields to understand. The role of litigation support is to parse through the market issues, defining and explaining the pieces of information on which these cases hinge. Litigation support is the art of rendering the intractable tractable. When this is done the legal strategy becomes an order of magnitude easier to develop. EME has the analytical ability and the advocacy skills to perform this role as it has many times in the past.

Settlements Support

In a stable and predictable market, settlements statements contain no surprises. However, there are always those circumstances where either the market outcome is unusual or the settlement result is difficult to understand. EME offers assistance both in understanding the nature of the market outcome and drilling down into the settlement outcome to understand the end result. In addition, EME offers assistance with the procedures by which most ISOs now operate, from price correction and validation, to lodging settlements disputes, negotiating outcomes in the event of ambiguity or improper settlement, or litigation support should the more usual avenues of redress fail.

Staff At Energy Market Expertise

Alan G. Isemonger

Alan G. Isemonger is a professional economist who specializes in wholesale electric power markets. Having spent several years as an independent consultant, as well as at a utility (BCHydro) and for the California ISO most recently, he is well-versed in many aspects of the electric power markets. Alan has a background in market monitoring, market design, and numerous other business functions as he was a manager in Operations at the CAISO for five years. Alan gained keen familiarity with market instruments such as Financial Transmission Rights and virtual bidding through efforts key to their design and implementation at the CAISO, amongst other responsibilities.

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